What to expect with me as a collaborator or advisor

After several years of making mistakes and being lucky because I had awesome graduate and undergraduate students, and patient collaborators, I realized that being explicit about expectations (or learning outcomes in an educational context) actually greatly reduces stress and increases accountability. This accountability is for both from myself to collaborators/students, as from collaborators/students to me. I have consequently spent some time scouring the internet in search of starting points for these types of documents, and then I have added my own personal twists to them. Below is the outcome of that process. These documents are living documents, and will be updated as new issues arise of feedback is provided. Hopefully they will also help you in making your choice whether and how to collaborate with me as a researcher, a graduate or undergraduate student.

What to expect with me as ….

Karl Cottenie
Associate Professor in Community Ecology

I am a community ecologist with a broad interest in data analysis.